Swimmer Ben Lecomte Begins Record Japan-California Attempt Across Pacific Ocean

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That doesn't even begin to cover it. Lecomte, a Frenchman now living in Texas, is attempting a six-month, 5,600-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco. He designed his route to pass through a collection of micro-plastic refuse roughly the size of Germany, France and Britain combined.

Lecomte said last week that his plan was to swim for eight hours and consume over 8,000 calories each day.

"I need to be physically prepared, of course, but more than that I need to be mentally ready". "You have to make sure you always think about something positive or you always have something to think about", he said, reflecting on the task ahead.

Lecomte will be accompanied by a specially outfitted support boat named Discoverer.

French swimmer Benoit Lecomte to swim across the Atlantic ocean, made a decision to conquer the largest terrestrial reservoir to draw public attention to a "junk spot" of the ocean.

More than 27 different scientific organisations, some medical and some oceanographic, will be benefiting from the data gathered during the expedition by Mr Lecomte's support team. This time, he says he has been practicing open-water swimming for hours every day to deal with the physical challenges, and "visualization and dissociation" to occupy his mind during the long hours of swimming.

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"When I was little and I was with my father walking on the beach, I didn't see any plastic, or hardly any", Lecomte said in an interview with AFP.

The team accompanying Lecomte will collect water samples each day along the way to determine the level of plastic and microplastic pollution.

"It didn't happen very soon after the Atlantic (swim) because I got married, I had children, so I put that aside".

"Now every time I go with my kids, we see plastic everywhere".

"I have a schedule of what I'm going to think about for those eight hours... it's always about keeping my mind occupied".