Super Mario Party Announced for Nintendo Switch; Coming October 5 2018

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Super Mario Party is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5, 2018.

Nintendo revealed a new Mario Party game called Super Mario Party, the first game in the franchise to come to the Nintendo Switch. Called Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the game includes every character that has appeared in any edition of Super Smash Bros - that's more than 60 fighters. Support for Gamecube controllers and all (approximately) fifty gazillion existing Amiibo was confirmed, as well. One of the games shown off Super Mario Party. From what was shown during the trailer, you can play the game across multiple Nintendo Switches as we saw several players sitting outside and inside with their Switches propped up while playing against one another. Nintendo says that the show will focus on Switch releases for 2018, but we might see some 2019 titles and 3DS games as well.

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In fact, the aesthetic isn't too different from the Cyberpunk 2077 footage shown during Microsoft's press conference on Sunday. Players will control their own custom space pirate, tasked with navigating from planet to planet doing general piratey things.

Lucky us, we already knew about another new Switch sequel, the cooking co-op game Overcooked 2, but not just because of the same Switch games leak. Nintendo, as usual, had a pre-recorded video instead of a live event at E3 2018.

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