Origin Access Premier: Official Reveal Trailer, EA PLAY 2018

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The new package was announced at EA PLAY at E3 2018, and will include brand new games like Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 and Battlefield V.

EA is offering gamers a new PC subscription gaming option, Origin Access Premier, with the promise of all of the company's newest titles for a single monthly payment.

Fans of EA's games have a new way to enjoy the whole library.

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Electronic Arts announced Origin Access Premier, a subscription service for the PC platform which will include all major releases on the day they are released. It also comes with perks for trying and buying new games.

Origin Acess Premier will debut later this year - for a closer look at the service and what it will offer, you can check out the reveal trailer below from EA Play 2018. It'll also include all the titles from the existent Origin Access tier. Like the regular Origin membership, users can take 10% on other Origin digital purchases.

Announced in passing at EA Play prior to E3 2018, Madden 19 was confirmed for PC as part of the new Origin Access Premiere subscription package. Dive into the action starting February 15, 2019 for Origin Access Premier members.