MTV Developing Live-Action 'Aeon Flux' Series From 'Teen Wolf' Showrunner

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Aeon Flux was initially a series of shorts from Peter Chung that aired in 1991 and 1992.

MTV is developing a live-action series reboot of their classic 1990s animated series Aeon Flux. But after the critical and commercial disappointment of the big-screen Aeon Flux, MTV is having another go at it - this time, on its home turf.

The series is set in a future dystopian world where a young assassin teams up with a group of rebel biohackers to save humanity, and becomes known as the hero Aeon Flux. Chung's animated series was groundbreaking stuff, seemingly building upon the thematic focus of the renegade animation found in efforts like 1981's Heavy Metal, except put through a stylised cyberpunk lens that - in 1991 - was considered mind-blowing.

With that said, is Aeon Flux a reboot you would like to invest in, or is it one reboot too many?

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Aeon Flux is making a comeback. Sources told THR that MTV is preparing to launch a studio that will further monetize its library as part of Viacom's push to revitalize its cable brands.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis has been hired to write the script and executive produce the new Aeon Flux series. In 1995, it yet again returned for 10 half-hour episodes. As for the live-action movie, well, it wasn't quite the hit some were hoping for. Jeff Davis saw huge success with his MTV reboot of Teen Wolf, which reworked the campy Michael J. Fox '80s feature film into a gritty and gory series with a sweeping mythology. However, after years of other-media manifestations, notably a Dark Horse Comics limited series, Aeon Flux would be - after a decade of dormancy - revived with the 2005 live-action movie, directed by Karyn Kusama, in which Charlize Theron played Aeon. That makes sense after the film had a rough go with critics, fans, and the box office while the series still retains much of its goodwill among the industry and fan communities.

Hopefully, this live-action TV series revival will have better luck.