IHOP reveals the ‘b’ in its new name, IHOb, stands for burgers

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By now, you've heard the International House of Pancakes is now calling itself "IHOb, "swapping the "pancakes" for "burgers."".

Turns out, the IHOb name change is simply a stunt to promote its new burger menu, according to USA Today.

The company posted on Twitter last week that it was changing its name to IHOb. Wendy's, which is known for its humorous and slightly snarky Twitter account, said it wasn't too anxious about the competition: "Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard". At certain locations, customers can try one of the new burgers for as little as $6.99, a price that includes unlimited fries and a drink.

Other breakfast joints, too, tweeted out thinly veiled critiques of IHOP in the wake of the restaurant's news. The name is not a permanent change and, yes, they will still serve pancakes. Others had more fun, speculating that the B stood for bitcoin or break dancing.

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Burger King, well, Pancake King's epic move came just hours after IHOB announced the debut of the brand's new Ultimate Steak burgers. Options included biscuits, bacon, butternut squash or barnacles.

IHOP has changed its name to IHOb. "Burgers are the most consumed entrée item for men, women and children in America", he continued, adding "it made sense to start with burgers".

In an effort to put the spotlight on its lunch and dinner offerings, the chain announced on Monday that the "b" stands for "burgers".