Google Pixelbook may eventually dual boot Windows 10

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Google launched its premium Pixelbook laptop in October past year with retail sales starting a month later.

What if we told you that the Google Pixelbook, which now runs Chrome OS, might also run Windows 10 down the road?

It looks like Google could be preparing the ground for its Pixelbook laptop to run Windows 10 natively. I would say so, and according to a recent report on the XDA Developers site, there is evidence to suggest such a feature might now be being worked on by Google, and perhaps even with the blessing of Microsoft. Additionally, the latest news, first spotted by XDA Developers, comes from developers of Chrome OS using what is allegedly called AltOS in their documentation, along with mentions of Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK).

Googlers have been spotted submitting AltOS-related commits to both the normal Pixelbook branch and the campfire branch, suggesting that the updated firmware isn't destined to stay behind Google's doors.

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Fixing issues picked up by the HLK not only means that the Pixelbook's Windows compatibility is improving, it also opens the door to Google getting the hardware certified by Microsoft as being suitable for Redmond's operating systems. The HLK is specifically mentioned along with "Eve", which is Google Pixelbook's development codename.

While it's unclear exactly how the feature might work, it appears likely that you'll be able to turn on the Pixelbook and choose whether to run Chrome OS or Windows 10.

Google hasn't commented on its plans and it's impossible to know whether the company is simply testing the feature to decide whether to release it or not or really wants to get this to the Pixelbook at some point in the near future.