Gmail turns to AI for smarter email notifications on your phone

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Instead of adding one, Google will use its AI and machine learning tech to categorize your emails and determine which ones you want to read first. Recently, the Gmail email service welcomed a sleek new design and new features to go with it. The app learns which emails are the most important to you and which you don't need a notification for.

To enable this option, open your Gmail iPhone app and tap Settings. It will be available in the next two to three days for iOS users. A new feature can help ensure you see important emails in a timely manner without receiving tons of notifications you don't care about. It's typically less useful for knowing when emails that are actually important have come in. Google is trying to find a happy medium between letting all of the notifications through and silencing them entirely by rolling out high-priority notifications in Gmail for iOS. Notifications for email can be particularly frustrating, especially if you're receiving dozens or hundreds of them every day.

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Email notifications are a never-ending story for so many, cluttering the screen and distracting us, when most of the time they really aren't that urgent. An Android version, on the other hand, is expected to arrive "soon".

To enable the new feature, select "High priority only" from the Notifications drop-down in the settings menu of your Gmail iOS app. For those unaware, this feature is not something new coming from Google. Hence, Gmail is adopting new features at a much slower pace. The screenshot Google shared also suggests that you'll be prompted to turn on high priority notifications in an alert that appears at the top of your inbox.