Drake Gives 'Degrassi' Fans A Surprise Reunion In Newest Music Video

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Although Drake reportedly had a "career-ending" diss track ready in response to Pusha-T, he never released it - and it appears that he has now returned to focusing on his own solo material.

Drake dropped a new music video for his song "I'm Upset" late Wednesday, and it's jam-packed with nostalgia from his "Degrassi" days. Drake, first name Aubrey, last name Graham starred as eighth-grader Jimmy.

Waking up in bed with a girl at center court of the Air Canada Centre, Drake sneaks out when he receives a reminder about his high school reunion.

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When Pusha-T goes after you by exposing your alleged love child with a porn star and digging up a blackface photo from your youth, there's only one way to clap back - a Degrassi reunion. Ephraim Ellis, whose character Rick shot Drake's character in a legendary episode, runs through the halls to get away from an angry group of Drake's associates. Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob also show up in the clip, directed by Karena Evans. If you're familiar with Smith's View Askew universe, you can probably guess how.

They bring the drama - there's tears, fights and a fire.