Corker blasts Senate colleagues for blocking vote on tariffs

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Corker offered the amendment in response to Trump's recent decision to impose a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports, even from US allies, arguing they are needed for national security. Many in the GOP, traditionally the party of free trade, opposed the tariffs, and some said Trump abused his authority in invoking national security to issue them - especially after the president declared over Twitter that they were actually a response to Canada's tariffs on dairy. Corker exclaimed. "I would bet that 95 percent of the people on this side of the aisle support, intellectually, this amendment".

"'We might poke the bear' is the language I have been hearing in the hallways", he said. "'The president might get upset with us as United States senators if we vote on the Corker Amendment, so we're going to do whatever we can to block it!'"

"I heard. the senior senator from Texas saying the other day, 'Well, gosh, we might upset the president". "I've never before had a question of allegiance to a person, rather than allegiance to the flag and Constitution, and to a degree that's what this race came down to".

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The retiring Tennessee senator was angered that his amendment to the defense authorization measure that would reclaim congressional prerogatives on trade and tariffs would not be up for a vote, and he mocked his colleagues for not standing up to the president, including the chamber's no. 2 Republican, Majority WhipJohn Cornyn. People can vote up or down. It happens all the time.

"That's the words of somebody who's frustrated because he didn't get an amendment passed", Tillis said. "We can't do that because we'd be upsetting the president, the president of the United States'". He was asked by Senate leadership to fix the issue, which is what he sought to do on the Senate floor.

America First: "To those who say this President is only picking winners and losers, let me say this: the only victor President Trump is picking is America". Changing the shell of a bill is routinely done as part of the legislative process, including on the fiscal year 2017 NDAA. Mitch McConnell being Majority Leader with a Republican president, there has been only one amendment vote. If his unanimous consent agreement had been adopted, nothing else related to the NDAA or where the Senate now is in the process would have changed. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, objected to the motion.