BioWare Opens Up On Anthem’s Single-Player Story

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It'll bring all-new PC games - including Madden, FIFA 19, and Anthem for PC, as well as games from the EA's vault of available titles on Origin. The new trailer surrounds a storm that's on the verge of wiping out civilization as we know it.

You'll still be building relationships and maintaining friendships, but you won't be falling for any specific characters the way we did in BioWare's previous games.

They will also get early access to Madden 19, Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, Battlefield V and Anthem.

Anthem When Destiny coined the term "shared-world shooter", it was basically the only game in town.

If this looks like your thing, you can head online and download it right now.

BioWare manager Casey Hudson confirmed the title won't have loot boxes or "ability to pay for power", but will feature microtransactions for customisable outfits for each mech suit, otherwise known as Javelins.

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As it revealed previous year, BioWare reiterated that Anthem is an online multiplayer role-playing game that you can play solo or with friends.

Sea of Solitude, an indie game, was another surprise announcement at the E3 2018.

After years of shifting release windows, EA has given Anthem an official release date: February 22, 2019. The game will be launched with Command & Conquer: Rivals name.

Here, Mass Effect style player choice is back, with players able to go back to their base and embark on offline reward gathering and interact with NPCs and influence the story. You can can change gear and weapons on Javelin, and also customised the paint jobs and geometry of the suit.

Thanks to its strong focus on story, Bioware promised they wanted to keep this a world the players are invested in for years to come.

In Anthem, up to four players explore and battle in a risky, mysterious place populated by great characters and a unique BioWare story. EA will, however, monetise the game through paid cosmetic modifications to Javelins, much like the skins in Fortnite.