Android Messages now lets users send text messages from their computers

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But as expected, Android Messages for web will give you the power to send and receive texts from your computer. If you head over to, you will see a new website that offers a bit of important text as well as a giant QR code.

The first signs of Messages for web were spotted back in February, when mentions of the service cropped up in the Android app.

The highly requested feature is rolling out now; to try it out, open the Android Messages app on your phone, tap the more options menu () select "Messages for web", and follow the on-screen instructions. It'll support not only text but stickers and emoji in conversations.

To enable it, you'll need to go to the Messages app on your phone first.

If you have a modern Android phone with Google's default SMS and RCS app, you now finally have messaging continuity between your phone and your computer (s).

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There are also four other updates to the mobile Messages app. It doesn't provide any insight into how you might get the feature working, though.

Then there are link previews. While all of the above are already available in Apple's iMessage system, one addition is not: copying one-time passwords with a single tap is now possible in Android.

Messages for Web is starting to roll out from today, though you might have to wait a while before you can actually access it.

For now, Android Messages for Web can be found here.