YouTube Music streaming service set to launch next week

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A YouTube Music Premium tier is also available to remove the adverts, give you background listening (so you can exit the app and continue listening) and to let you download songs for offline playback.

YouTube Music will be "largely devoid of video", according to CNET, which has seen the redesigned YouTube Music app in action.

YouTube Red previously came bundled with the YouTube Music service. Although YouTube is the largest video hosting site, with no visible competitor who can challenge their billions of hours of views, Google knows something is missing.

YouTube Music Is Now "Reimagined", "Revamped"!

Now Google is hoping the latest changes to its various subscription services will finally start to gain traction among music fans and help it to be a real player in the paid-for music-streaming space. But YouTube has not seen much success selling subscriptions, Sanderson said, even though it is the biggest potential threat to industry leader Spotify.

Existing YouTube Red members will be able to access YouTube Premium with no price increase.

YouTube Music is a brand new music streaming service from YouTube that only focuses on all things music across the video streaming platform.

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In a blog post, Youtube has announced that YouTube Red is being rebranded as YouTube Premium, which is a bit expensive than YouTube Red.

Google launches YouTube Red is two new offerings: service streaming YouTube Music, YouTube to Premium original video content. YouTube Music isn't out to replace it.

Music-streaming companies have long had strained relations with music labels, facing accusations that they don't fairly compensate artists for their creative work and for encouraging audiences to pilfer music.

It's unclear, however, how YouTube can cut through a crowded field. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said during a recent interview on Bloomberg TV that the service now has 50 million users, combining paying subscribers and people on free trials.

YouTube has promised that more original series from US, Mexico, France, Germany and other countries would feature soon.

YouTube will release the service from May 22 in America, Australia and New Zealand and will "expand more broadly" in the coming weeks.