Woman killed in pit bull attack; pet owner arrested

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An early morning tragedy involving a pit bull attack has left a 75-year old woman dead and another woman in custody.

"Through an investigation, we determined that a woman entered a closed property through a gate, shut the gate behind her, and while inside the fenced in yard, was attacked by two dogs", said Chris Lopposer, Gulfport deputy police chief.

A 23-year-old San Francisco woman also got bit in her right hand. She collected people's cans to donate money to her church, so she roamed the neighborhood nearly every day.

The attack happened at around 11:45 a.m. Police say three dogs were in a designated unleashed area when two of the dogs, one brown pit bull and one gray pit bull, attacked the other dog, an Ilhasapoo named Bloom. There are numerous cases of the dog breed turning on their owners.

Her family has identified her as Georgia Ruth Morgan, known around the neighborhood as "the can lady".

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The owner of the two pit bulls, 32-year-old Deidra Craft, has been arrested by police, according to WDAM7. Those charges are Dog at Large, and Vicious Animal. Three of the bite victims were taken to a hospital for further treatment, police said, and Bloom was taken to a veterinarian.

Jones says one of those pit bulls took part in Wednesday's attack. She said her dog has been attacked by the pit bulls more than once, but the first time, she didn't press charges.

The pit bulls have been surrendered to animal control.

She told us, Craft's pit bulls have always been aggressive.