White Woman Calls Police on Black Real Estate Investor Inspecting House

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Another day, another story about the cops being called on Black people for simply just existing.

"The police, they were on my side", he added.

A black man in Tennessee said he was checking on a house he had recently purchased when a white woman in the neighborhood got angry and called the cops because she thought he was breaking and entering. "Hurry up!" she yells at Hayes.

"So we're out here at a house now, one of where we're under contract to pick up on, and for whatever reason, the neighbor has called the police on us", Hayes said in the video. He pointed to the sign he had placed in the front yard. "But she wasn't listening to that". But at the end of the day, she just did not want me in her neighborhood'.

But that didn't affect the bigoted woman as she boasted of being friends with the sheriff.

In the video, Hayes explains he was at the home, which is in shabby condition, to inspect it.

He was rolling when a squad auto from the Memphis Police Department rolled up.

One of the officers called the homeowner of the vacant house, who assured them that Hayes was supposed to be there.

When the white cop told the woman to let him do his job, she said he can do his job but also asked Hayes to "Hurry up, do it, and get out!" He began rolling on his cellphone camera as two Memphis Police officers arrived.

Hayes then asks the officers to hang around for five minutes to ensure he is able to take the property pictures in peace. "This incident was handled as an on-scene complaint".

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After finishing his inspection and leaving the house, Hayes recorded another video saying the woman called the police because he is black.

However, this didn't seem to satisfy the woman's suspicions about him, and she ended up calling the police.

"This type of stuff is still going on", he said in the video.

After she called the police, Hayes immediately started recording the interaction.

Newsweek has reached out to Hayes for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

But in an interview with CNN affiliate WMC, Alebert said she made her look like a racist.

"I'm Spanish", Albert told the local news station. "It's nothing racist about it".

He said a neighbor ran outside while he was removing the board from the door of the vacant house.

"I don't care if you're friends with the president", he says back to her.