Trump Rallies Indiana: It's A New Ball Game, We're Being Respected Again

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President Donald Trump made his common election debut in IN by rallying the group for the state's not too long ago nominated Republicans and rattling off a few of his marketing campaign's biggest hits.

"We are all making America proud".

"If President Trump is willing to go out and define some of these opponents, it's extremely helpful to those campaigns", said Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign aide. All received raucous applause, as many supporters waived "Keep America Great" signs.

"So in one sense, I have to respect him", Trump said.

Trump repeatedly brought up a legal settlement the USA had made with Iran during the Obama administration and claimed the money was in exchange for United States hostages.

"I believe Kim Jong Un did an ideal service to our nation by doing this. We didn't pay for them", Trump said.

For an occasion billed as a marketing campaign rally, Trump spent a lot of his speech speaking about overseas coverage points, akin to the price of the brand new embassy in Jerusalem, North Korea negotiations, imposing metal and aluminum tariffs - a coverage level that acquired one of many loudest cheers of the evening - and pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

"Of the many national security blunders of the last administration, one of the worst was the disastrous Iran nuclear deal", Trump said. Sherrod Brown, "does not think the way we think. when it comes to borders, when it comes to so much", delivering a message that Republicans hope to hear frequently. "For me, it's always about West Virginia", Manchin says, standing near the monument to a 1968 West Virginia coal mine disaster that killed 78 miners, including Manchin's uncle. They didn't need convincing.

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"Trump took on Donnelly during a campaign-style rally Thursday night in Elkhart, Indiana, calling him "Sleepin" Joe" and a "swamp person". Two days after IN wrapped up a divisive Republican Senate primary, the president praised a lengthy ticket of House and Senate candidates by name and predicted Democrats would dismantle his agenda if they regained control of Congress. The president carried 10 states in 2016 that have Democratic senators on the ballot this year and is expected to campaign heavily to help Republicans maintain Senate and House majorities and elect GOP governors. Joe Donnelly within the 2018 election. The Associated Press reported that Braun won 41 percent of the vote.

Trump took the stage in Elkhart, Indiana two days after Republicans nominated Braun to challenge Donnelly.

"Joe Donnelly will do whatever [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi tell him what to do". They do not ask him. He told the crowd that what they have achieved together is unprecedented - but it could all vanish and go away - and urged them to elect more Republicans.

The rally marks Trump's return to the campaign trail.

"I am going bom-bom-bom-bah-bom-bom", mentioned Trump, mimicking the sound of a cellphone ringing.

At his primary-night rally in Charleston, for instance, 94-year-old Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams, a Trump supporter, introduced Manchin with a call-and-response: "Repeat after me".

"And we sold out that arena", Trump recalled of a campaign event he did with Knight. I know Joe. You know Joe.