This Is What Meghan Markle's Official Royal Title Will Be

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After that came to light, Samantha admitted that her relationship with her half-sister was "strained", but was quick to add that her half-sister was a "social climber", who was only attracted to the Prince of Wales because of his title, and their "whirlwind fairy-tale romance" was little more than a PR sham foisted on the British and American public.

"If it's about my life or my father's there is something in this country called freedom of speech". The media is disparaging us. I'm not going to take it. "Before anybody really knew who she was, beyond those who watched Suits, she used a platform, that was relatively small, to talk about women's equality, women's education, health and clean water", says Hammer of Markle on the primetime special. I am a United States citizen and that's all there is to it.

She is enjoying the build-up atmosphere but will avoid Windsor on the day of the wedding, saying: "I think it will be a madhouse".

Meghan Markle's niece- and nephew-to-be will officially play a role in the royal wedding.

Grant confirmed that she and Markle, 36, are estranged.

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"She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr Markle in this hard situation". "The past year I think has been strained because what tabloids have said, but Meg does not have a relationship that I've seen with anyone in the family", she said. "People think it would be fun to do, but to actually buy a plane ticket and then to sleep on the streets for three to four nights", she said.

"I love her, and I'm so proud of her. Biracial, divorced, yes!"

Meghan Markle will not have a maid of honor.

Perhaps disappointingly, Grace Van Cutsem, the hilariously "grumpy girl" who covered her ears in the balcony photo at the 2011 royal wedding does not get a mention.