Sherpa climbs Mount Everest for record 22nd time

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A guide for more than two decades, he broke the previous record of 21 summits that he shared with two other Sherpas.

A veteran Sherpa guide scaled Mount Everest on Wednesday for the 22nd time, setting a record for the most climbs of the world's highest mountain, while a female Sherpa made it to the summit for the ninth time, shattering her own record for the most climbs by a woman.

Kami Rita Sherpa made the maiden ascent of Qomolangma in 1994 when he was 24 years old. "I have been climbing mountains for women's empowerment", Lhakpa told THT while leaving for Tibet last month.

The problems occurred during what is being described as the third "summit wave" of climbers pushing towards the summit in this pre-monsoon season, after the ropes were fixed from both the Nepalese and Tibetan sides of the mountain.

Apart from Kami, dozens climbed the mountain Wednesday, Shrestha said from the Base Camp.

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She first climbed Everest from South Col in 2000 and since has climbed from the North Col eight times.

The twin records come on the heels of Australian Steve Plain becoming the fastest person to summit the highest mountains on all seven continents. Most of his male relatives have reached the top least once. In the autumn, he guides clients to smaller peaks in Nepal.

According to Nepal's tourism department, the official government body which issues climbing permits for the Qomolangma expedition, 346 mountaineers from Nepali and foreign teams have taken the permits for expedition this year.

"They are searching for him on the way down", he said of the team that has just summited.

Climbers use supplementary oxygen to combat altitude sickness. Air at the top of Everest contains less than a third of the oxygen at sea level.