Senate Intel Panel Agrees Russia Intervened In 2016 Presidential Election

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Donald Trump Jr. told Congress that he did not speak to his father in advance about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting where the Trump campaign hoped to get damaging information from Russians on Hillary Clinton.

Committee vice chairman Mark Warner (D-CA) agreed the ICA conclusions "were accurate and on point", adding Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the interference himself "for the goal of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton".

Grassley had said in January he wanted to release the transcripts of the interviews. In a 250-page report, House Republicans said they came to "concurrence with the Intelligence Community Assessment's judgments, except with respect to Putin's supposed preference for candidate Trump".

The almost 2,000 pages of interviews do not appear to contain information that would change the course of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's team and Russian Federation.

"The June 9, 2016, meeting is one piece of a much larger puzzle and confirms that the Trump campaign was willing to accept Russia's assistance", the Democrats said in a collective statement.

But there is also discrepancy between the meeting participants about how long Kushner was present.

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And when the damaging information didn't materialize, as Veselnitskaya focused on U.S. sanctions on Russia under the Magnitsky Act that the USA passed to punish Russian human rights abuses, the testimony gives new insight into how Trump's team reacted.

Manafort's notes also contain references to "tied into Cheney" and "active sponsors of RNC" without any further explanation.

The special counsel is investigating the Russian meddling in the election, whether Trump's campaign was involved and possible obstruction of justice. "I wasn't part of the meeting, but yes, I believe I was aware that it had occurred". "I was aware of none", said Trump Jr., in a seemingly definitive statement within his I-don't-remember-filled interview. Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he arrived to the meeting late and left early after he determined that "my time was not well spent at the meeting".

Rob Goldstone, the British music publicist who arranged the Trump Tower meeting, told the committee he was anticipating a "smoking gun" from Veselnitskaya when he urged Trump take the meeting, even though he thought it was a "bad idea and that we shouldn't do it". "I knew of something", said Trump Jr. Trump dismisses any talk of collusion.

Like Trump Jr. and Kushner, who released a public statement about the meeting a year ago, Goldstone said the meeting was disappointing. "I've just sat in a meeting about adoption".

"I work in music and it's FULL of Liberals and I am I am seen as some weird link to the kremlin".