NWS: Tuesday's weather created 5 tornadoes in New York, Connecticut

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TheNational Weather Service sent a team of experts into some of the hardest hit areas and you guessed it, two tornadoes touched down in CT.

The first report that came out on Wednesday night said that an EF1 tornado moved along a 9.5 mile path between Beacon Falls and Hamden.

A second EF-1 tornado, with winds up to 100 miles per hour, tore a 4.5 mile path between Southbury and Oxford.

The powerful storms that swept through New York's lower Hudson Valley spawned three tornadoes.

On Thursday morning, the NWS determined a severe storm that moved through Litchfield County did produce am EF1 tornado on Tuesday.

There was a similar accident killed a woman just north of there who was also inside a auto when a tree came down.

Tuesday's storms knocked down scores of trees and utility wires.

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The National Weather Service is investigating whether any tornadoes occurred Tuesday.

Officials say meteotsunamis are driven by air-pressure disturbances often associated with fast-moving weather events, such as severe thunderstorms, squalls, and other storm fronts.

Residents in those towns are still working to clean up after the storm.

Storm clouds gather over New York City on Tuesday.

Thousands of people were without power, and the area had many downed trees and twisted power lines. More than 120,000 homes and businesses lost electricity in CT and 157,000 in NY.

In New York, meteorologists confirmed a tornado of 110 miles per hour struck Kent and one of 100 miles per hour ripped through Patterson. Roads in many towns were impassible and some schools canceled classes on Wednesday due to the damage.