Las Vegas police release bodycam footage from killer's hotel suite

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The woman said Paddock kept staring at her while he ate and it was "embarrassing".

The woman later recalled hospital hallways full of stretchers, saying: They couldn't get names of everybody just because there were so many people. There was no trash in his wastebaskets, she told investigators. He says he then walked down the hall and discovered a metal bracket keeping the door shut.

Stephen Paddock, 64, had expressed outrage about what he believed was a plot by the federal government to disarm American citizens, according to newly released police documents.

The Wynn Resorts host, identified only by the initials K.M., said he served Paddock for six years until August 2017. She also said she thought it odd he had more than five pieces of luggage in the room.

One woman interviewed by police said she sat in the booth of a diner eating dinner a few days before the shooting and overheard a man in the next booth she subsequently recognized as Paddock.

As she crouched down, a massive spraying of bullets rained down and the unidentified woman thought the gunfire was coming from helicopters above. They also said publishing the documents risked divulging police investigative tactics.

Paddock killed himself in a hotel room near the shooting as authorities closed in on him about an hour after the attack.

The terror: One man said he took cover to the right of the stage once he heard gunshots.

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More than 1,000 pages of documents detail the shooting on the south end of the Las Vegas strip early on October 1.

Her account was among those provided by Las Vegas police in a DVD with witness statements and officer reports about last year's mass shooting that killed 58 people and injured hundreds on the Las Vegas Strip.

At one point Paddock asked her if she was ok, and she said she told him yes.

A couple of seconds later, um, I fell to the ground and I couldn't feel my arm.

The release, totaling over 1,200 pages, came after a lawsuit for public records by the AP and other media organizations, despite resistance by law enforcement officials.

Las Vegas police two weeks ago made public video from two officers' body cameras showing police blasting through the door of the hotel suite where Paddock is seen motionless on his back with a pool of blood staining the carpet near his head and a cache of assault-style weapons strewn about.

Police in Las Vegas plan to make public witness statements and officer reports about last year's mass shooting that killed 58 people and injured hundreds in what was the deadliest event of its kind in modern USA history.

Las Vegas police on Wednesday released a trove of eyewitness reports of last year's mass shooting on the Vegas Strip, considered to be the deadliest in modern US history.