Buhari to commission EFCC's new N24bn head office building today

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He said throughout the journey of his national life, he has made the anti-corruption fight a major agenda.

He said his administration never never intended and was not engaged in witch-hunts, but was determined within the laws to call people to account.

He said the anti-corruption agencies need to fraternise more closely because "the criminals who collectively supply our raison d'etre have absolutely no qualms forging such cross-border operational alliances to perpetrate crimes and cover their tracks". When I first came here this building was a mere skeleton, I had said with the commitment of the President to fight corruption, anyone who had gone to the former Head Office of the E.F.C.C as if you're a foreigner visiting Nigeria for the very first time, the impression you'd leave with is that the fight is a joke, sort of. I want Nigerians to take ownership, it should not be left to the anti-corruption agencies alone.

Buhari said Nigerians must change their ways of handling public trust, saying that "corruption not only kills governments but destroys societies".

Buhari boasted that his government has recovered and continues to recover trillions of Naira stolen from Nigerians in the past few years by "people without conscience". That's the narrative out there, but that must change due to the fact that we have sitting before us here a President who has won global acclaim as being corrupt-free.

He said: "I am happy to say that it is with the support of the National Assembly that the funds were put together to complete this edifice".

As if the President's renewed sermon on anti-corruption is to prepare the road to 2019, the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has dismissed threats by members of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) to exit the APC.

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"African countries must come together to keep the issue of asset recovery and return on the front burner of worldwide discuss".

"We are pursuing recoveries everywhere and are making sure that anyone who has been found culpable is made to answer for his or her crime under the law".

The President expressed hope and expectation that the judiciary, which is a critical stakeholder and partner in the war against corruption, would continue to collaborate with the Executive to bring corrupt people to book.

Dogara said that the President was not the only corrupt-free Nigerians, adding that there are millions of hardworking and committed citizens equally passionate about the anti-corruption drive.

Magu also noted that there is no sacred cow in the war against corruption as his agency will unravel more corrupt cases and pursue the conviction of pending cases.

The president said his resolve to fight corruption forced him out as military Head of State.

Mr Magu added that the commission has also recovered N500 billion, explaining that all monies recovered for the federal government were "duly remitted" into the federation account and those for individuals were given back to them.