Brussels calls on Italy to stay committed to the 'European path'

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Italy's 5-Star Movement and the far-right League have completed a joint policy programme meant to be the basis for a coalition, with their respective leaders due to have the final word, party officials said on Wednesday.

The two pre-election adversaries began negotiating a coalition deal last week, more than two months after an inconclusive March 4 election produced a hung parliament.

"From Europe we have the umpteenth unacceptable interference by unelected officials", League leader Matteo Salvini said on Tuesday.

"We are prepared for talks on issues like the European Union budget that will constrain this Government and the next - they say "Let's see what happens".

Mr Di Maio previously said his first trip overseas after the creation of the government will be to Brussels, as he believes "in dialogue and participation". "With courage we will succeed in returning citizens their rights and returning Italy to her rightful place on the European stage". Both parties have made clear they intend to fight the EU's Stability Pact.

Brussels calls on Italy to stay committed to the 'European path'
Brussels calls on Italy to stay committed to the 'European path'

Di Maio shrugged off such warnings as the protests of "Eurocrats that nobody elected". "We have received and maintained too much. Now it's time for legality, security and expulsions", Salvini said.

"We're in the final stretch", Salvini said in a Facebook video.

Di Maio said that any accord would be put to party supporters for online approval and full details would be available for their perusal by the weekend.

Still, the two leaders haven't said yet who they'll nominate as prime minister - and they say it won't be announced until they have an agreement on policies.

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