Bill Bradley says gambling on high school sports is upon us

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The Supreme Court's (SCOTUS) ruling this week that paves the way for states other than Nevada to legalize sports betting is a victory for states' rights and should put another nail in the coffin for those attempting to ban all forms of online gaming. Alito reasoned that if the states are free to legalize casino gambling, they must also be free to establish their own sports lotteries.

"My own take on it is people who bet on racing are going to bet on racing and the same goes for sports", said Evan Hammonds, Blood-Horse's managing editor.

"Much like marijuana we have an opportunity here with an industry that is, frankly, common but done in the shadows to bring it out into the open and to regulate it and ensure important consumer protections", said Lesser.

"Anything we were to do in that field will take a good bit of discussion and will create some noise, I'm sure", he said.

The National Football League plans to lobby Congress to come up with some sort of framework to perhaps regulate sports betting although it is not exactly clear what Congress can do to give the NFL want it wants. Last week, Gov. Jim Justice announced a deal had been reached.

"Now with it being nationwide, it's going to have an impact, there's no doubt about it", he said. They say they deserve a cut because gambling is entirely dependent on their business, and they need to spend more money to guard against potentially devastating game-fixing scandals. Sleight says it's traditionally hard to guess what the Indian nations might do under their gaming compacts, or when. And of course, there's the whole integrity/royalty fee that major sports leagues are seeing.

Monmouth Park officials say they could have their sports betting up and running within just a couple of weeks. There are a lot of ramifications following Monday's major decision by the Supreme Court that gave states the green light to consider legalizing waging on sports. Some states were waiting to see whether the Supreme Court would strike down PASPA entirely before introducing their own sports betting bills, and for those states that have concluded their 2018 legislative sessions, that endeavor will have to wait until next year. Whether you are betting on sports or playing poker, lawmakers must make it a priority to protect customers.

"We're moving quickly with legislation". "Instead of managing a hedge fund for stocks, you can mange one for sports betting".

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"No license to operate a sports pool shall be issued ... to any person that operated a sports pool within one year prior to the enactment of this act."

Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia have several casinos and racinos sitting across the Ohio River. It was a win for New Jersey, which had sued, as well has almost two dozen states that already have laws in place to set up sports betting.

While Capped Sports has users from all over, it doesn't hurt that DE is likely to be one of the first states after New Jersey to have legalized single-game sports betting.

Gov. Bruce Rauner seems to be an unlikely supporter of legal sports betting in IL.

Based on a proposed state tax rate of 10 percent on general gross revenues from sports betting, the firm predicts an additional $13.4 million in annual tax revenue coming to the state in the first year of sports betting, with the amount rising to $28.7 million by year five. This would be available to those who already have player's memberships previously established at the casinos. More than a dozen other states now are considering bills that would do the same thing, though Virginia is not - at present - among them. The technology involved would disallow bets from outside the Mountain State's borders. The in-house satellite radio station praised the decision as enlightened.

No matter how they made a decision to tax it, that is going to amount to a lot of money many states could really use. "For us now to be able to capture dollars that are significant and meaningful to our state, as well as other states, that's what I think we ought to do".

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