Battlefield V Live Reveal to Happen on May 23rd

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The publisher has now confirmed that name in a tweet and a tease from The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, who is going to host a full reveal event May 23.

Check back with us next week for more information and details on Battlefield V. Are you excited?

A first look at the game begins on May 23 at 1PM PT/4PM ET.

According to rumors that correctly pegged the title as Battlefield V, this next entry is supposedly set during WWII, much like last year's Call of Duty.

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Although there's no telling exactly what will be shown off during next week's reveal for Battlefield V, it's a safe bet to make that the official unveiling will mostly revolve around a highly polished trailer created to highlight the cleanest-looking visuals developed so far.

Earlier Battlefield 1 fans discovered an Easter egg in the game that was a message written in Morse code that revealed "Battlefield will never be the same" along with the May 23 date. We've heard rumors of the franchise returning to a modern day setting, and there's certainly been a lot of demand for a return to World War II. Now we know, it will be Battlefield V and an official reveal is right around the corner, coming on May 23rd.

The game was officially revealed to have a single-player campaign in addition to multiple maps and modes for multiplayer.

As you can see in the graphic above, the event will take place live online on YouTube, Twitch, and Microsoft's own streaming service, Mixer. Oh and also, no Battle Royale.