Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey denies gay accusation

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Meanwhile, Huntsville Mayor and Republican candidate for Governor Tommy Battle is calling for a clean campaign.

"Will someone out her for God's sake.I have heard for years that she is gay and moved her girlfriend out of her house when she became Gov". "I am sick of closeted elected officials".

A spokesman from Ivey's office responded to Todd's allegation as "a disgusting lie". It's a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid left wing liberal political operative. There is absolutely no truth to it. Scott Dawson is intentionally misleading the public for political gain.

Todd says she has no proof of Ivey's sexuality, but encouraged reporters to "ask her directly if she has ever had a relationship with a woman". ADECA was overseeing federal money that was granted to the group in 2014, the statement said.

Todd's social media comments were directed at Ivey after this statement was released, telling AL.comthat she "hates hypocrites".

"She had the chance to right the ship, and on this she failed miserably", he said. "I'll catch some flak for it, but I feel a responsibility - not as the "head queer" - to hold people accountable".

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The activist went on to tell her followers that she is "trying to do the right thing", noting that "silence isn't the right thing about crime".

Ivey, 73, is single and has been divorced twice. And perhaps totally unconnected, the state's then-governor, Robert Bentley, went on to resign after an affair with a political adviser was uncovered.

Ivey signed the so-called Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act, which enshrines discrimination into Alabama law by allowing some state-licensed adoption and foster care agencies to reject qualified prospective LGBTQ adoptive or foster parents based on the agency's religious beliefs. "This bill is not about discrimination, but instead protects the ability of religious agencies to place vulnerable children in a permanent home", she said in a statement.

The closure of Free2Be offices in Alabama comes after state officials found out the LGBTQ advocacy group owed the IRS payroll taxes, state officials said Tuesday. "I made a decision to run for governor of the state of Alabama because I thought we could do better". "So that's what I plan to do, vote for Republican nominee Roy Moore".

But Todd is standing by her actions.

"I was reminded of how broke we are", Dawson said of the discovery, noting that the state has a lack of funds, said during the speech. "It's mind boggling. And these are the people that call themselves Christians".

Ivey's campaign fired back, pointing out that the Free2Be funds from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, ADECA, came from the federal government, which requires some domestic violence and victim fund spending to be earmarked for the LGBTQ community.