What Does Tom Clancy's Division Update 1.8.1 Bring?

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Tom Clancy's The Division has finally received the update scores of its most committed players have always been waiting for.

For Xbox One X players update 1.8.1 brings with it 4K rendering, higher ansiotropy, improved reflections, better object detail and shadows.

So how does it different to the PS4 Pro equivalent? Moreover, you will also find some new Global Events, Commendations, and many others.

Along with the aforementioned updates, the 1.8.1 patch also tweaks things like drop rates and new commendations. Reload to change the effect.

In Blackout players will be armed with Shock Ammo that will stun enemies. The second event - Onslaught arrives sometime in May and allows players the chance to deal burn, bleed and gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage with reload changing the effect. According to the patch notes, enemies will be resistant to certain elements and vulnerable to another.

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Details about those events as well as the various bug fixes and game improvements can be found at this link.

Finishing Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone quests will net players 25 Division Tech per activity.

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Removed the basic cache from the vendor. Legendary missions now have a 20 percent chance to reward a Classified item while season pass caches and survival caches have a 10 percent chance to offer a Classified item. This targeted cache is guaranteed to contain a Classified piece of gear from a specific set. The new loot changes are accompanied by a few vendor changes, game changes, and two new Global Events. Classified item drop rates are increased in general. Finally, all Exotics were added to the Open World Bosses. For instance, the Banshee cache will reward a piece of Banshee Classified Gear.