"We are all them": Canadians to wear jerseys for Humboldt

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People showed up at work and schools across Canada decked out in sports jerseys as part of a "Jersey Day" commemoration inspired by a group of British Columbia hockey moms to send a message of support for the families of the dead.

It didn't matter whether it still fit, what team it was, what shape it was in, or even if it was a hockey jersey. Aside from wearing jerseys, the Bridgewood students also made artwork for a commemorative wall in their school's lobby.

Graydon Ribchester, 14, was likely the only local person wearing an authentic game-worn Humboldt Broncos sweater, having moved to Lakeshore from Humboldt just previous year.

"That's when people really started to get more emotional", he said of the 30-minute stop.

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The funds will go towards the helping the victims and families impacted by the fatal bus crash on April 6.

"Being Canadian and hockey being so entrenched in our culture and it's such a bad tragedy to have so many young lives go in such a awful way — my brothers play sports and I play sports and you can't imagine something like that happening to your family".

"They understand. My oldest is 11, so he very well comprehends what tragedy is", Opperman says.

Just over 24 hours later, the Bruins stood in a circle around centre ice with the Nipawin Hawks for a moment of silence before Game 1 of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League final. She says by coming together and encouraging everyone to wear any kind of sports jersey, she hopes to show the affected families that they are not alone. She wants to let Humboldt know it is not alone. Stagg says he too was traveling late at night on a bus, and in a busy routine.