USA 'locked and loaded' to strike Syria again if new attack

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President Donald Trump said Saturday morning airstrikes in Syria overnight were "perfectly executed", hours after he announced the USA, United Kingdom and France launched precision missile strikes in Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria last weekend.

Israel Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a member of the coalition's Kulanu party, said on his Twitter page: "The American attack is an important signal to the axis of evil - Iran, Syria and Hezbollah - a signal that says the use of chemical weapons crosses the red line against humanity and will not be tolerated".

"The whole world is looking at you", Nebenzia said. "This is hooliganism in global relations, and not minor hooliganism, given that we're talking about major nuclear powers".

US Ambassador Nikki Haley warned her United Nations counterparts that although the mission was designed as a one-off, that did not preclude further action against Assad.

Russian Federation called for an emergency session of United Nations Security Council on Saturday.

The United States, Britain and France have argued that military action was necessary after Assad's forces had used toxic gases multiple times in violation of worldwide law.

China's foreign ministry said it objected to the use of force and warned that it could complicate the situation in Syria.

"Trump failed in his aggression", said 51-year-old civil servant Mohammed Hammad. Russian officials had said US and Russian military staffs remained in contact regarding Syria, even as Russian media carried stories in recent days about the potential outbreak of "World War III" as a outcome of a USA airstrike against Assad.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada supported the decision by the US and its allies to take action against the Assad regime.

The attack "was a victory for Syria", former lawmaker Sharif Shehadeh said by phone from Damascus. He said the missiles hit the "sweet spot", doing the expected level of damage while minimizing the unintentional release of toxic fumes that could be harmful to nearby civilians.

"They lost lot of equipment".

"He adds ominously, "Hopefully someday we'll get along with Russian Federation, and maybe even Iran, but maybe not".

The rhetoric from Syria's backers was harsh.

Russian Federation and Iran called the use of force by the United States and its allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression".

Jordan said only a political solution would guarantee stability and territorial integrity of Syria while continued violence will lead to more violence, conflict, fighting and displacement whose victims would be Syrian people.

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But he did not say what Moscow would do in retaliation.

Macron says the operation is limited to Syria's abilities to produce chemical weapons.

Washington, Paris and London have nevertheless insisted that their own secret intelligence points to Assad's guilt, and on Friday, a USA spokeswoman said they had "proof".

But British Prime Minister Theresa May said there was little doubt the Syrian government used a barrel bomb - large containers packed with fuel, explosives and scraps of metal - to deliver the chemicals at Douma. They will collect soil samples and talk to witnesses in attempts to pin down what occurred.

"A perfectly executed strike last night", Trump tweeted early Saturday, thanking France and Britain.

"Engaging our military in Syria when no direct threat to the United States exists and without prior congressional authorization would violate the separation of powers that is clearly delineated in the constitution", the letter read.

"Could not have had a better result".

"The objective of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons", Mr. Trump said Friday night. An initial team of inspectors had only arrived in Syria on Friday.

"Nothing is certain in these kinds of matters".

Assad, who has denied ever using chemical weapons against his opponents, responded to the strikes with a defiant vow. He described the main aim as establishing "a strong deterrent" against chemical weapons use. "It is shameful that the USA and France would hit Syria like this with no proof and outside worldwide legitimacy".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support for the airstrikes while maintaining that Germany would not become involved in military action. European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted, "The EU will stand with our allies on the side of justice".

President Donald Trump and his British and French allies say the airstrikes were necessary to deter Syria's use of chemical weapons but Russian Federation insists there's no evidence that chemical weapons were used.

After an attack on eastern Ghouta in 2013 that killed more than 1,000 people, Assad agreed to give up all his chemical weapons as then U.S. President Barack Obama threatened military actions. But the airfield targeted by the Pentagon resumed operations shortly after the attack and, according to Western intelligence assessments, chemical attacks resumed. A similar strike for similar purposes at a similar time a year ago didn't deter Syrian President Bashar Assad from repeatedly and illegally using the banned weapons.

The Pentagon also disputed the Russian military's claims that Syrian air defense units had downed 71 out of 103 cruise missiles launched by the U.S. and its allies.

The US was also anxious that the strikes would prompt a confrontation with Syria's biggest military ally: Russian Federation.