Trump Plans to Impose New Sanctions Against Russia on Monday

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The renewed push for a UN-backed diplomatic solution follows a volatile emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, called by Moscow on Saturday, in which Russian Federation condemned the strikes as a violation of worldwide law.

Bombing Syria was in Britain's national interest and has had strong global support, Theresa May will insist as she tells Parliament why she ordered the attack.

Responding to Haley's remarks about the plans for new sanctions, Evgeny Serebrennikov, deputy head of the defense committee of Russia's upper house of parliament, said Moscow was ready for the penalties, according to RIA news agency.

The United Nations Charter recognizes two justifications for using military force against another country, self-defense or the permission of the Security Council.

Russia, China and Bolivia voted in favor of the draft resolution, Reuters reported.

Russian Federation denounced the attacks as aggression against its ally, but there was no sign of an immediate military response.

Western powers have traded threats and accusations with Russian Federation - the main backer of the Syrian regime - since launching missile strikes over the weekend to punish what they said was a chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians. As of March 2018, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that more than 500,000 people have been killed: The group estimates 353,900 deaths, including 106,000 civilians; 56,900 missing and presumed dead; and 100,000 undocumented deaths.

The Chemical Weapons Convention outlaws the production or stockpiling of chemical weapons.

But a United Nations spokesman said the clearances have been given to the OPCW team.

The Labour leader said chlorine has been used by "a number of parties in the conflict" in Syria as a weapon and questioned the legality of the airstrikes.

It depicts a huge mountain of skulls, all white except for one, which is glowing bright yellow from the effects of a chemical weapon attack. Macron said in an interview broadcast by BFM TV, RMC radio and Mediapart online news that he had convinced Trump to focus on the chemical weapons sites.

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"Nothing is certain in these kinds of matters", he said.

The Tiyas airbase, also known as the T4 airbase, was hit by Israeli air strikes last week after it claimed that Iranian drones had operated from the base.

"The use of chemical weapon is extremely inhumane and we can not absolutely tolerate that". There is after all, an worldwide body charged with investigating such cases: the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, slammed the strikes as a "military crime".

The Kremlin released a statement from Putin saying the strike was an "act of aggression against a sovereign state which is in the front line in the fight against terrorism", and that there was no proof a chemical weapons attack had taken place. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley had said a decision was coming Monday for sanctions against Russian Federation for enabling the Assad government to continue using chemical weapons, but the White House did not commit to that timetable. Our warnings have been left unheard.

Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia and European Council President Donald Tusk have "all have expressed their support for the actions that Britain, France and America have taken", the PM will add.

"A perfectly executed strike last night", Trump tweeted.

The United Kingdom's Royal Air Force said four Tornado GR4s fighter jets joined the operation, while France said it had deployed Mirage and Rafale fighter jets. Could not have had a better result. The U.S. says it suspects that sarin gas also was used.

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However, Mattis seemed to have anticipated Russia's rhetoric and addressed it during a press briefing at the Pentagon on Friday evening.

"We are concerned they may have tampered with it with the intent of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission to conduct an effective investigation", Mr Ward said.