Trans Mountain 'will be built,' Trudeau says after meeting with Horgan, Notley

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"We are going to get the pipeline built".

"Ideally, we wouldn't be in this situation right now", Trudeau said.

"The environment is shared jurisdiction between the federal government, the provincial government and local governments", Stacey said.

"I'm quite confident that should these discussions end successfully, that the pipeline will be built - and that is good, because the pipeline is in the national interest", she said.

Kinder Morgan suspended all "non-essential" work on the project last Sunday, saying that it couldn't justify the cost of continuing construction as B.C.'s government fought the pipeline in court. The company set a firm deadline of May 31 to have that request fulfilled.

Horgan also would not elaborate on the "legislative and financial measures" promised by Trudeau to push the project forward.

After almost a decade since the last major oil pipeline was built, and with existing ones brimming with crude, Canada's energy industry is wondering when and if any new lifelines to foreign markets will go into the ground. She said her government had begun "significant conversations with Kinder Morgan around the financial arrangements that will make sure that it gets done".

Trudeau declined to discuss the specifics of Ottawa's proposed financial buy-in, saying only that the feds "have engaged in financial discussions with the Kinder Morgan". Ottawa could buttress that support by enacting emergency legislation that would force the project to move ahead.

"We've been calling for this for months", Conservative leader Andrew Scheer told reporters Sunday.

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"The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is of vital strategic interest to Canada", Trudeau said following the two-hour meeting.

Horgan emerged from the meeting Sunday showing no intention of letting off on his opposition to the pipeline.

But as Trans Mountain's fate was put in jeopardy after the B.C. NDP's election win, pipelines heading south to the U.S. have been propped up by the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has tied himself closely to the oil and gas industry.

The regulatory process for the line has taken longer than expected as regulators in Minnesota take a closer look at the project's necessity and safety details, but a final decision from the state could come in June.

"Except they've taken off the table use of the Constitutional Declaratory Power to bring legal certainty, they've taken off the power a...federal government court reference to the Supreme Court of Canada to steal the march on John Horgan's legal delay tactics in British Columbia and they've taken off the table the most obvious leverage the feds have, which is the power of the purse", he said.

A failure to build pipelines over the last decade has had material economic impacts on the broader economy, analysts suggest.

Trudeau said the federal government supports the pipeline because it will produce high-paying jobs and would enable Canadian oil to be exported to markets outside of the domestic and USA markets.

"If we have to, it'll be our Standing Rock", he said. Canada could lose tens of billions of dollars if new routes to overseas markets aren't developed to shrink a discount on crude from landlocked Alberta.

Trudeau said discounts for crude are amplified by the "unpredictability" of trade relations with the US under President Donald Trump, which has caused widespread investor uncertainty by opening up the North American Free Trade Agreement to renegotiations and threatening import tariffs on various foreign products.