The size of the football field Asteroid skimmed past Earth

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An Asteroid named GE3-2018 that in the size of 110 meters wide had just made a close call to earth on Sunday early morning around 2.41 am EST. According to NASA, hours later, at about 5:59 a.m. EDT on April 15, the space rock passed even closer to the moon than it had to Earth.

EarthSky reported the asteroid, labelled 2018 GE3, came within about 192,300 kilometres of Earth at its closest point at 6.41pm on Sunday. The asteroids which are present in this belt do not pose any threat to the Earth. Some hours later, reported that an amateur astronomer Michael Jager of Weibenkirchen Austria has posted the video of the asteroid that was recorded when asteroid fly past through the southern constellation Serpens. There really is no telling, as mapping the impact trajectories of objects crashing down to Earth is notoriously hard, and scientists were left with just a few hours to scramble for this one.

Around 1500 people of Chelyabinsk in Russian Federation ware admitted to the hospital for minor injuries that caused by shuttered glass pieces when a medium-sized asteroid that exploded over the city in 2013. According to a report, an asteroid may be broken into pieces while entering the earth atmosphere but this size asteroids won't do so.

"It might make you feel better (or worse) to know that asteroids enter Earth's atmosphere unnoticed on a fairly regular basis".

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Andrew Cheng, who led the NASA mission during the year 2000-2001 told Fox News that "It doesn't take a very large object". The Asteroid passed the earth at the distance of 119,500 miles in the speed of 66,174 miles per hour.

That's significantly smaller than the 2018 GE3 asteroid.

"An asteroid this big is capable of causing some regional damage, depending on various factors such as composition, speed, entry angle, and location of impact". At least three other small space rocks are set to fly past Earth on Tuesday - with the largest measuring 111 feet around. "A couple of times a week, on average, an asteroid will come closer than the distance to the Moon, but most of those are hunks about the size of a bus or maybe a house".