Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's New Character Falke Gets a Gameplay Trailer

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Capcom has confirmed that Falke will be coming to Street Fighter V on April 24 for both PlayStation 4 and PC. She was built to be a straight-up clone of M. Bison himself, shaped into a fighter through intense Shadaloo experimentation. With her ability to use Psycho Power and infuse objects with it, she's going to be a formidable fighter for sure.

With the help of Ed, Falke escaped Shadaloo and now she and Ed are like siblings. As the third DLC character from the game's third season and a brand new character for Street Fighter entirely, False proves an interesting addition to the roster, as you can see in the new gameplay trailer showcasing just that. Cody, G, and Sagat will come later this year!

Falke utilizes her staff in battle to keep opponents at range, but it also serves as her conduit for Psycho Power. Psycho Kanonen allows her to lay down and avoid projectiles while shooting off her own Psycho Power attack. While in this position, she's able to dodge projectiles that are aimed at her.

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You can check out Falke's gameplay trailer below alongside several screenshots and GIFs of her. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is now available on PC and PS4. "Pressing two kicks is Katapult, which sees Falke pole vaulting towards the opponent in a kick motion". She first appeared in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as a cast member in Ed's storyline. This move can then be cancelled by a "variety of normal moves and can also be used to absorb projectiles".

Pressing HP+HK during this V-Trigger will result in Falke using Psycho Sturm, a sweeping hit with her staff that can be cancelled into to extend combos. While standing a blast of Psycho Power can be shot out like a shotgun, in the air a projectile can be shot downwards diagonally, and while crouching Falke goes prone and shoots a projectile at an enemy's feet.