Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen

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Stiller's Cohen has lots to hide.

"It's a disgrace! This whole raid was a violation of attorney-criminal privilege", Cohen says. Obviously, Jeff Sessions (the always-funny Kate McKinnon) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennet) are planning for Cohen to be the fall-guy in this Russian Federation investigation, so Stiller was put in the hot seat by De Niro who played a strong-jawed, rough-edged Mueller in a hilarious nod to Meet The Parents.

After yet another week of controversy and scandal surrounding the Donald Trump administration, the president forced to push back and make major decisions impacting his time in office.

As the interview got underway, Mueller asked Cohen about everything from Stormy Daniels, to the golden showers tape, to whether he's ever threatened anybody. The show's cold open had plenty of material to work with this week. "Just trying to milk some information out of people", he said.

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"If you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about", De Niro's Mueller says as he straps Stiller's Cohen to a lie detector.

"Cohen" accuses "Mueller" of launching personal-attack witch hunts against the Trump family. So what?" What followed was an homage to an exchange familiar to fans of Meet the Parents, as Cohen argued that you can milk a lot of things, including a "cow, or a goat, or a... cat.

"You listen to me, you little weasel", De Niro as Mueller later told Stiller's character, "I don't know what rights you think you have. You broke the law, and now we're going to catch all of you little Fockers, you got that?"