PUBG update adjusts blue zone and maps to encourage better strategy

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has received a new patch, and though it only features a few changes, they're very significant. With this update, delay time between blue zones has been decreased, giving players less time between phases.

The biggest change of the patch is indeed the change to the blue zone speed, which now starts much earlier than before but at a slower speed. If you thought that PUBG matches moved a little too slowly, then, you're definitely going to want to check the game out after this update has been applied. Also, PUBG Corp has reduced the chance of outlier safe zones that are over water or in far, far corners of the map.

For those of you still to claim, know that signups kick off on Saturday 14 at 5am PST/1pm BST, and close at the same time on Tuesday 17.

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Player Unknowns' Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp has recently released a new PC update with patch notes now available. PUBG Corp. has also increased the amount of damage players will take from the seventh, eight, and ninth blue zones. In other words, don't get caught outside the blue zone late in the game. They did this by tweaking how the blue zone works primarily, though they also added some more points of interest to the deserted north of Miramar.

In addition, some quality of life changes will make planning a bit easier.