Police seize gun, drugs, cars, bank cards after raiding home

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It was a routine call that would change his life.

"Your keen sense of responsibility in the performance of your duties reflect great credit upon yourself and the Metro Police Department that you serve".

A police officer in Victoria has died after spending 30 years in a coma following an on-duty vehicle crash.

According to police records, 6000kg of marijuana had been registered, but only 5460kg was found. He is suffering from head and leg trauma but is expect to survive.

Jordan was supposed to be heading home that night to his wife, Hilary, and 16-month-old son Mark, as he had suffered a minor injury earlier in the shift.

The 17-year-old's condition is the most serious at the time. When the clerk cooperated and gave him what he wanted, he ran out and left in a red vehicle.

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They said he later assaulted an officer while trying to escape an unlocked interview room.

"Is he dead?" she remembers asking.

As the officer parked his marked unit and approached Morales, she ran off and led the officer on a brief foot pursuit. Jordan was kept alive with tubes for eating and breathing and eventually was transferred to Glengarry hospital.

A container of methamphetamine was found in a ditch near the vehicle, and another container of methamphetamine, a digital scale and thousands in cash were found in the vehicle, police said.

An Arkansas police officer who was sacked after she allegedly fought with guests at a hotel where she was attending a baby shower while off duty is now facing charges including aggravated assault, authorities said.