Marijuana use decreases cognitive functions in teenagers

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While President Trump is rarely credited for his progressive stances on social issues or civil liberties, lo and behold! That could be an indication "that some of the effects found in previous studies may be due to the residual effects of cannabis or potentially from withdrawal effects in heavy cannabis users", Scott said. Others want the right to open cannabis lounges. Likewise, it would not protect recreational users or employees whose employers would lose a monetary or licensing-related benefit under federal law or regulations should the employers hire or fail to discharge a medical-cannabis user.

According to an urban myth, the penal code in California was 420 and was often referred to by police officers at the time for marijuana use.

Yet cannabis remains illegal under federal law, and it still has many opponents.

Inconsistencies between federal and state law have always been entrenched in the cannabis debate. Recent research shows opioid prescriptions are down 14 percent in states where medical marijuana is legal, suggesting the drug could play a role in the fight against opioid addiction.

On Wednesday, the state Senate Banking Committee unanimously approved a bill that would create a new state charter for private banks so they can do business with the cannabis industry. Also, State Treasurer John Chiang is looking at a possible state-run bank for cannabis businesses. But Sessions' move appears to have dampened the fast-growing industry, with the financial publication Green Market Report noting that an index of 30 publicly traded cannabis companies it tracks fell by almost 22 percent in the first quarter of 2018.

Marijuana isn't the most harmful drug out there but isn't entirely benign either says Medical Health Officer Dr. Andrew Gray. Presumably this would be a reason to hide your cannabis use from children in your lives, so they wouldn't be persuaded to use marijuana at a young age.

As soon as the news broke, marijuana stocks predictably soared.

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This isn't the first time YouTube has come under fire for showing unrelated, inappropriate content on its users' channels. YouTube told Bloomberg that "We appreciate the partnership with P&G and look forward to continue working with them".

In this June 30, 2017, photo, Bryce Tallitsch hangs up a sign for recreational marijuana at the NuLeaf dispensary in Las Vegas. Boehner is now touting the potential of medical marijuana to help veterans.

British Biopharmaceutical Company, GW Pharmaceuticals unveiled preliminary data that cannabis kills cancer cells. But industry leaders are still anxious the president could change his mind, so they'll be hoping this bill passes smoothly.

"Clearly the Republicans are on the bandwagon", Herzberg said. States including Arizona, Delaware, Maine, Minnesota and NY all have laws in place that forbid employers to discriminate against anyone who uses marijuana for medical purposes so long as they're not impaired on the job.

It's high time that Congress realize that when a group of federal scientific advisers - as well as the FDA - is willing to approve a marijuana derivative to treat a debilitating disease like epilepsy, it's also time to let scientists continue to further legitimate research without fear of going to prison.

"The small effect size may be meaningful in a large population, and again, all (cognitive) measures are worse for those using marijuana", Sabet said.

One problem, Herzberg noted, is that there hasn't been any official announcement of Trump's position on the issue or policy direction from his administration. "Until there is formal legislative change or direction, similar to the Cole memo, the cannabis industry will remain skeptical". The city will start accepting applications for the lounge licenses in May and will permit a maximum of 16 marijuana businesses-eight of which will be allowed to have on-premise smoking and vaping, the other eight of which must remain smoke-free and only offer edibles.

"It's no longer just a possibility", Randall said.