Man choked woman, said he will kill her

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A man is behind bars after he reportedly stalked a woman and her kids.

Police say Ann Riess, 56 - who is now the target of a multi-state manhunt - was seen chatting with the victim days before she allegedly shot her dead. Police said the video was taken on April 5, 2018, at 5:40 Fort Myers.

Radcliff Police say he also sexually assaulted and sodomized her, and that she, "engaged in sexual intercourse with him out of fear of being further harmed". "Riess is considered armed and unsafe and should not be approached if located". According to the Star Tribune, police suspect she forged her dead husband's signature before his body was found, transferred almost $10,000 into her account, and headed to a casino across the Iowa border.

Investigators said that surveillance video shows Riess at Hutchinson's condo and that after killing her, Riess took Hutchinson's credit cards and driver's license and stole her white Acura, which was spotted in Louisiana and Texas, according to police.

Hutchinson's cash, credit cards, and identification were found missing as were her auto keys and vehicle. Lois Riess is believed to be driving a stolen, white Accura registered in Hutchinson's name.

Border patrol agents are on the lookout for her and Hutchinson's family wants Riess apprehended quickly.

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There was no connection between Reiss and Hutchinson, but Dodge County sheriffs said Reiss' mode of operation was to befriend women before stealing their identity.

Marceno said it appears as though Hutchinson was targeted because of similarities in her appearance to Lois Reiss. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno says the suspect aimed to steal the identity of Pamela Hutchinson, 59.

"I$3 asked the defendant if she would tell me her side of the story, but she was uncooperative", the officer said.

The couple are said to be residents of Pattaya and have three children together.