JD Wetherspoon shuts down social media accounts over landscape's 'climate'

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I don't believe that closing these accounts will affect our business whatsoever, and...

HOME OF THE CHEAP PINT JD Wetherspoon has announced the shut down of its social media accounts because it reckons people "spend too much time" on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wetherspoon boasted more than 44,000 Twitter followers and about 100,000 followers on Facebook.

In a post on its now-deleted Twitter account, the company cited a range of reasons for the decision, including "trolling of MPs and people from religious and ethnic minorities, the abuse of personal data and the addictive nature of the platforms themselves", says The Independent.

But with social media being a key channel of communication between customer and company, what might it miss?

Outspoken founder and chairman, Tim Martin, claimed the move wouldn't harm his business at all.

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"The danger is that firms could lose control over the stories told and shared about them on social media, which doesn't bode well for reputation management".

The company, which has nearly 900 pubs across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, is shutting all the accounts with immediate effect.

It also said it was encouraging customers to "get in touch with us via our website or by speaking with the manager at their local pub".

For your fix of Spoons-related news, you can subscribe to its magazine... or download the Wetherspoon app, which will still keep you glued to your phone, just not Facebook.

Asked by the BBC whether Wetherspoon's move could start a business trend, Mr Martin said he hoped not.

He said he was anxious that staff were spending too much time on social media and struggled to control their behaviour on the platform.