Israel probes Apple over handling of iPhone slowdown

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Apple has been introducing special edition RED series products since a couple of years now.

"RED" edition, the devices are identical in function to the iPhone 8 devices launched last autumn.

A 26-year-old iPhone 8 user who gave her name as Meg said while she has not faced any issues with her phone, third-party fix shops are attractive price-wise when repairs are not covered by a warranty.

The snazzy new iPhone 8 models will be available for pickup at Apple retail stores this coming Friday, though pre-orders can already be put in via Apple's website. I wasn't a big fan of the white faceplate on the 7; in fact, I bought a dumb screen protector to try to get this same look. The black and red color combo results in an absolutely stunning aesthetic.

Specifications of both, the iPhone 8 as well as the 8 Plus will be the same as the original variants. That allows for wireless charging, but it also means you'll pick up more fingerprints - even in this red color.

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Apple routinely unveils (PRODUCT) RED versions of its handsets, typically as a mid-lifecycle release. This thing is red, and the color can shift a bit depending on the light - albeit not to the extent of HTC's gorgeous solar red U11.

Apple has been shipping dual lens cameras in its iPhone Plus family of devices, and the firm is reportedly working on a triple lens camera for its third generation iPhone X.

In other words, just think of the concept as a good idea of what next year's PRODUCT (RED) release could look like.

The iPhone X doesn't come in red, sadly, or I would reconsider my responsible decision to hold on to my year-old 7 Plus and plunk down $1,000 for a red X without a second thought. They'd sell more, and existing iPhone 8 owners wouldn't be stuck with that "welp, I wish I had the red one" feeling.

On to the photos! This time around, Apple has coloured the front part black, which makes it look more aesthetically appealing.