Hotel Artemis trailer: Jodie Foster runs a hospital for risky criminals

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The film features Foster as a nurse in a members-only hospital for criminals in near-future Los Angeles.

Alongside Brown, Golblum, Henry, and Foster, the film also stars Sofia Boutella, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, and Dave Bautista. Hotel Artemis will serve as quirky counter-programming to the star studded Ocean's Eleven franchise spinoff Ocean's 8 during its opening weekend at the domestic box office later this year.

The trailer is very high-octane and follows a couple of criminals who head to Hotel Artemis following a botched heist, which sees one of them injured. When Brown's Waikiki steals a portable vault worth millions and brings it inside Hotel Artemis, Jeff Goldblum's crime boss character tracks him down - and shows that he couldn't care less about the hospital's strict regulations. Foster plays the hospital's main nurse and overseer.

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At first glance, Hotel Artemis seems like a thinly-veiled John Wick knock-off, basing its premise around a strictly regulated hotel that caters to the criminally inclined - much like the Continental hotels in those pulpy Wick flicks.

Tensions and tempers run high in a hotel housing impulsive criminals, but rules like "no weapons" and "no killing each other" keep guests in check, hopefully. But over the weekend, a Twitter account for the movie sprang to life, all for the purposes of dropping the first trailer on us Monday afternoon-and it looks dank as hell. Watch the full trailer above.

Hotel Artemis opens in US theaters on Friday, June 8.