Hart Mother Was Drunk When She Drove Family Off a Cliff

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The 911 call is one of at least four incidents involving claims of abuse in the home and this isn't the first time the DeKalb family has reported neglect.

From left, Hannah Hart (16), Abigail Hart (14), Sierra Hart (12), Jeremiah Hart (14), Jennifer Hart, Devonte Hart (15), Markis Hart (19) and Sarah Hart.

Authorities say Jennifer Hart was drunk behind the wheel when a vehicle carrying her family crashed at the bottom of a cliff on the California Coast in March.

CNN reports that it's unclear if any consequential actions were taken after Dekalb's father-in-law made the call to 911, but authorities do suspect the deadly vehicle crash may have been intentional.

According to the station, a Texas appeals court opinion from 2010 reveals details about aunt Priscilla Celestine's fight to keep custody of the three children.

Carpenter said the family stopped in the small town of Naselle, Washington, near their Woodland, Washington, home, during their drive to the California cliff but that investigators are still trying to determine why they stopped there and whether they contacted anyone. She told us that Downs' death came as a surprise, that it was completely unexpected. "The vehicle attempted to pull over to the shoulder into a big pullout, and the vehicle came close to coming to a stop and ended up going over the edge and into the river", said Lt. They share that with non-military kids.

The elderly woman told us that her granddaughter was well-loved, and she expressed the wish that the gunman had shot her, the grandmother, instead, since she is 82, so that Downs, who worked so hard to take care of her two children, could have lived. "It's all of you, and today we want to say "thank you" to you guys for supporting mom and dad". She related that at this point, Downs got up and went to close the gate.

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The rest of her children are Kian, 13, Charlie, six, Cody, five, Poppy, three, and Lexi, two.

"They're so young and they've already had trauma in their lives". "[Child Protective Services] had vetted her; if she wasn't such a good candidate, they wouldn't have placed them with her".

But a former friend told The Associated Press last week that she told OR child welfare officials in 2013 that Jennifer and Sarah Hart had been depriving the kids of food as punishment. The vehicle slowed in the turnout, then tumbled into the river, authorities said, noting that visibility was reduced during the storm and the driver may not have seen the embankment.

And authorities have said social services officials in OR contacted the West Linn Police Department about the family in 2013 while they were living in the area. In 2010, Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge involving one of the children.

Just three days before the crash, neighbors in Woodland, Washington called Child Protective Services about unusual meetings with their children.

The remains of Jennifer and Sarah Margaret Hart, both 38, and three of the children were found in the wreckage of a GMC Yukon after it ran off California Highway 1 and plunged over a steep embankment onto the rocky shoreline below.