Facebook Stories to get AR drawings and Boomerangs in the near future

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The world's largest social network will now allow users to use the Boomerang feature popularized by Instagram Stories in their Facebook Stories, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Thursday.

Facebook has just added Instagram's Boomerang feature in its Stories feature allowing users to create looping GIFs.

The report also pointed out that AR drawing will be known as "3D drawing" and will roll out for Facebook users in coming weeks. This is not the first time that Facebook is experimenting with AR. The doodles will then stick to the objects captured in the frame, and users can move around to see their artwork from different angles - a bit like virtual graffiti.

According to John Barnett, Facebook camera product manager, "We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them". This also means that flash photography is not supported by the new feature, on account of it harshly affecting the lighting captured in the image.

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With AR drawing, you can scribble on the world around you, then move your camera and see the markings stay in place.

Previously, the company revealed its AR effects back at F8 previous year. An Instagram spokesperson responded to Techcrunch after the latter published an article about the lack of data portability on the service. The AR tool is a feature that neither Instagram or Snapchat now offer.

In addition to 3D AR drawings, Facebook stories can now be created with Instagram's popular Boomerang feature.

Facebook is adding some much-needed features to its Stories feature.