Emmanuel Macron's decision to hit Syria sparks debate in France

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Macron said the strikes were legal and an act to implement global resolutions and enforce worldwide law and not to declare war on Syrian regime.

He said France now wants to involve Western powers, Russian Federation and Turkey in a new diplomatic initiative to find a sustainable political solution in Syria.

"I ordered the French armed forces to intervene as part of an worldwide operation in coalition with the U.S. and the United Kingdom directed against the clandestine chemical arsenal of the Syrian regime".

"Ten days ago, President Trump was saying 'the United States should withdraw from Syria.' We convinced him it was necessary to stay", Macron said in an interview broadcast by BFM TV, RMC radio and Mediapart online news.

He said the military operation in Syria was legitimate and within the worldwide community framework, and was not a declaration of war.

Speaking to French broadcaster BFMTV, Le Drian said there was "no doubt" about the suspected chemical attack in Douma. (Though it should be said that Macron is one of the few non-authoritarian leaders Trump seems to respect.) In any case, the claim is testament to the depth of Trump's remarkable capriciousness on all matters, including those that concern the life and death of American soldiers.

Players summoned from changing room for halftime penalty
Mainz and Freiburg are 15th and 16th in the table respectively so the decision carried added weight in a relegation six-pointer. But Freiburg's players were already off the pitch and entering their changing room when they had to be called back.

After a first phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump that night, a series of painstaking daily meetings with defense and foreign affairs officials took place to check the authenticity of images and information coming from Syria. "I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long-term".

Obama had to backtrack in the face of congressional opposition, signaling US fatigue in the Middle East and empowering Russia, Western military experts said at the time.

"Chlorine was definitely used", he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said in London that the West had tried "every possible" diplomatic means to stop Assad from using chemical weapons. "This is not about intervening in a civil war".

Russian Federation and Iran called the use of force by the United States and its French and British allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression".

Trump said the US was prepared to keep up the economic, diplomatic and military pressure on Assad until he ends what Trump called a criminal pattern of killing his own people with internationally banned chemical weapons. In fact, Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said no additional attacks were planned.