Dave Gettleman calls idea New York Giants must draft a QB 'hogwash'

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The Cleveland Browns just can't stay out of the limelight long enough to build themselves a contender.

There are likely five quarterbacks who will be selected in the first round next Thursday. Tyrod Taylor can hold down the fort for a year or two but it's time they got their franchise guy. Cleveland, as usual, has the first overall pick and there will be no shortage of drama.

Despite the Giants' public allegiance to Eli Manning this offseason, their need for a quarterback remains quite apparent.

As a result, the Giants should select either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen to groom behind Manning for the past year of his contract, before handing over the franchise to the new quarterback. "Does he have accuracy, does he have a strong arm?"

"It's amusing, it's a really a neat group to evaluate because they are all different players", he said. I've done it for 20-some years.

Some will call this the Kirk Cousins Plan, when Washington took Robert Griffin III No. 2 overall and then used its fourth-round selection on Cousins as a sort of insurance in case RG3 didn't pan out.

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Do you like the fact that there are so many opinions about what you're going to do at No. 2?

With a trifecta of quarterbacks expected to go at the top of the draft, Cleveland can cash in Houston's pick for NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb.

While it may seem extreme, the benefits of taking two top quarterback prospects are actually pretty clear: In a city where the hit rate at that position has been zero percent, you essentially double your chances at acquiring a successful player at the most important position in sports.

The stud Texas A&M running back provided Cam Newton with a legitimate running back that can also flank out as a wide receiver, and provided the team with kick returning ability. The exercise of anointing a generational talent at the running back position has become an annual tradition at this point.

Reporters for ESPN and the NFL Network reportedly won't post picks for the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL draft on social media before they're announced on television. Brown was a salary cap specialist before Browns owner Jimmy Haslam named him Executive Director of Football Operations. That's not such a bad option, because it would give the Browns another pass-rusher on Gregg Williams' defense.

Speculation for the 2019 National Football League draft, already simmering in some circles, will start heating up again slowly sometime Saturday night or Sunday. It's my responsibility to create the atmosphere that allows players to play and coaches to coach. But it's indicative of the level of desperation in Cleveland to finally land that quarterback that they've even toyed with such a radical idea in the first place. Will he be able to properly execute his reads in between the tackles and keep an offense on schedule on Sundays, where the athletes are better and the holes are smaller? If the Giants select Barkley, they will do so with the intention of maximizing their championship window while Manning is the quarterback.