Dark Souls Remastered on Switch delayed till summer

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment previously announced the release date of DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED for the 25 May on all platforms. The Switch version and the Solaire amiibo have unfortunately been bumped from the original May 25th, 2018 release date to a more nebulous "later this summer".

Bandai Namco this morning dropped off a bit of bad news for Nintendo Switch owners counting the days until Dark Souls: Remastered launches.

If you were looking forward to taking Dark Souls: Remastered with you everywhere you go this May, unfortunately that's going to have to wait.

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The PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions remain on track for release next month. If the Nintendo Switch version of the game was seeing poor performance in certain end-game areas, we'd rather have those issues addressed before launch, instead of suffering through and waiting for a patch.

The Dark Souls Twitter account goes on to say that "Rest assured, this time will ultimately be used to improve your journey to Lordran".