Cash crunch is back as ATMs across India go dry: 10 points

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Even in the national capital Delhi, people faced problems, and said "We are facing cash crunch".

On Monday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan claimed there was a conspiracy behind Rs 2000 notes disappearing from the market.

The cash crunch is back.

The sources in the government said that occurrence of various festivals like Baisakhi, Bihu and other harvest festivals which also mark the lunar new year recently might have pushed the demand for cash in the affected states.

The government has assured that the issue will be resolved soon.

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Meanwhile, SP Shukla, Mos Finance has said, "We've cash currency of Rs 1,25,000 crore right now". This is a conspiracy to create problems. Bank officials said that people have been withdrawing cash more than they require at the beginning of the month. Members also prayed to God that ATM would get cash and people get rid of their problems they are facing due to shortage of cash.District Spokesperson, Sachin Rajak said that in Jabalpur city majority of ATM machines are empty or could be termed cash less and customers are facing problems. "We are facing difficulty, don't know what to do".

Bankers indicate that the situation is worse in rural centres while urban centres are getting a reasonable cash supply, albeit, it is much less than the actual requirement. The Finance Ministry, however, said there was enough cash currency in circulation and the situation will be brought under control in three days. "We have visited several ATMs today as well, to no avail". "The temporary shortage caused by "sudden and unusual increase" in some areas is being tackled quickly", finance minister Arun Jaitley wrote on micro blogging site Twitter. ATMs are not dispensing cash. "We are facing a cash crunch. We need to pay for the admission of children and purchase groceries and vegetables", a resident of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh was quoted by ANI as saying.

People of various cities including Delhi, Varanasi, Bhopal and Hyderabad are struggling as ATMs are running dry, creating a situation of a severe cash crunch.

He was referring to news reports of ATMs running out of cash at some places in the state. After this exercise (demonetisation), the currency in circulation increased to Rs 16,50,000 crore. Big notes missing. Reminder of #DeMonetisation days.