Apple Offering Free Apple Watch Series 2 Repairs Due To Swollen Batteries

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Good news for Apple Watch Series 2 owners: Apple has revised its service policy, introducing a clause that entitles 42mm variants for a free fix.

Don't worry if your Apple Watch Series 2 suddenly won't turn on because you might be eligible for a free fix by Apple. Repairs are available to owners up to three years after their purchase date, even if they didn't purchase Apple's extended warranty.

According to the notice, "Apple will service eligible devices free of charge". Coverage is also apparently limited to the 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 models, including the Sport Edition, Hermès, and Nike+ SKUs. Warranty status does not matter for this issue.

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"A swollen battery can prevent an Apple Watch from switching on or cause the screen to separate from the unit's frame", notes digital outlet MacRumors.

The bulging battery issue is affecting some Apple Watch Series 2 devices. Apple has nearly always replaced or serviced such devices and generally covers expanded batteries past the 1-year warranty date, regardless of a program such as this. In this case, a visual inspection will determine if there is an actual mechanical defect, and if so, Apple will replace the battery for free.

The reasons behind Apple Watch Series 2 not turning on for some users is unclear at this point and the memo does not shed enough light on it as well. Thus far, there haven't been any reports of the Apple Watch Series 3 suffering from expanded battery issues, though it could still be too early to tell as such problems generally take sometime to manifest. Let us know down in the comments!