Apple employees warned and arrested for leaking information, reveals a leaked memo

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In what is seemingly becoming a trend among tech companies, Bloomberg has published an internal memo sent to Apple employees, suggesting consequences like jail time for those who leak sensitive company information to journalists. Hundreds of software engineers were in attendance, and thousands more within the organisation received details of its proceedings. "One person betrayed their trust", the company reportedly wrote on its internal blog.

The good news for those who think iPhone prices are out of control is that UBS also predicts that Apple will ensure a constant influx of new customers by further reducing prices at the bottom of the range. In the leaked memo, it was stated that all Apple employees who were involved in the leak of pre-release iOS details were caught and fire within days while others who were responsible for sharing product details before the launches were also caught. "But people who leak - whether they're Apple employees, contractors or suppliers - do get caught and they're getting caught faster than ever", said the memo. It specifies that the employees who lose their jobs for leaking unannounced information face "extremely difficulty" finding employment elsewhere.

The use of outsiders is a premiere for Apple but it was the last resort the company appealed to in order to fulfill the massive iPhone battery replacement requests coming for clients who are unhappy with their Apple devices' performances.

Apple also called part-time employees or those who normally work for AppleCare but ultimately was forced to call in people from other companies.

Apple has chose to harsh on its employees who leak the information, the company had issued an internal memo regarding this notice to all the members of their firm.

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The memo attempts to curb internal leaks by warning employees that reporters and media outlets may try to befriend them, but the cost of a leak means reporters earn more web traffic while the employees could lose their jobs.

It's certainly not a groundbreaking revelation that Apple takes its secrecy deeply seriously. Although the documents in the filing were processed in September 2017, there are indications that Apple prepared them as early as July.

Every Apple launch is covered by the select press invited to such events like it's a holy event, and with a blinkered positivity from many about what are often deeply flawed products. 12 of those were arrested. Apple's Global Security team led the internal investigations and worked with suppliers to beef up their security.

But it's not all Apple employees' fault.

While they carry serious consequences, leaks are completely avoidable. [.] Everyone comes to Apple to do the best work of their lives - work that matters and contributes to what all 135,000 people in this company are doing together.