YouTube tackles conspiracy videos by adding Wikipedia info

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Like other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is happy to make money from disinformation while half-heartedly condemning it.

The goal is to point viewers to alternative sources on the videos generating the most discussion, Wojcicki said during a talk at SXSW in Austin. The links will appear in every video having the moon landing topic, be it a documentary or a conspiracy theory. Speaking at SXSW 2018, YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed that YouTube will be using "information cues" as a means to combat false information.

The news comes after the streaming service allowed conspiracy videos about last month's high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, to propogate across the site.

YouTube is home to thousands of conspiracy videos covering a slew of conspiracy topics: flat Earth "evidence", fake moon landing claims, and more.

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YouTube intends to present an alternative viewpoint to videos questioning science or describing conspiracies about events such as the U.S. moon landing. YouTube's autoplay algorithms appear created to promote increasingly radical content, across politics and other subject areas, in an effort to keep users watching as long as possible, according to Zeynep Tufekci, an associate professor at the University of North Carolina. It doesn't help that YouTube's recommendation engine can entice watchers to watch more of the same.

The latest move by Google in this area will see information from Wikipedia and other websites displayed alongside such videos in the interests of balance.

"It's clearly hard and complicated", she said.