Watch Tommy Wiseau 'Audition' to Play The Joker

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We know it's a long shot, but imagine if Tommy Wiseau really did join the ranks of Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto as playing one of the greatest, most infamous villains of all time. Wiseau has made his way to the stage (and only the stage) at the Emmys, he's starring in a sci-fi romance flick, and he has a two-part movie with his The Room co-star and former roommate Greg Sestero on the horizon.

Of course, every Joker needs a Batman, and Wiseau turned to an old friend for the audition. That's exactly what Wiseau does, quoting lines from The Dark Knight (not from Suicide Squad Joker, though honestly it's probably for the best).

Wiseau uses this opportunity to discuss some of the decisions he made during the making of The Room, many of which are accurately represented in The Disaster Artist.

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The Joker is now being portrayed by Jared Leto in the DC Extended Universe although it is now rumored that the role will be taken by either Joaquin Phoenix or Leonardo DiCaprio in the upcoming origin film coming from Hangover director Todd Phillips.

As if two parallel Jokers wasn't enough, Tommy Wiseau, the multi-hyphenate man behind The Room, often described as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies, ' has thrown his own hat into the ring".

Wiseau will next be seen alongside Sestero in the film "Best F (r) iends", and even released a trailer for another film called "Scary Love". Do you think he would make a good Mr J?